Knoxville Landscaping


Keep a close eye on watering new plants as September and October are usually our driest months. Always water longer and less often to promote deep rooting. I recommend a sprinkler with a timer and to soak large areas for an hour on each section once a week.


Planting Annuals

It is time to bring on the pansies as we approach the end of this month. I know it is hard to remove your annuals that look so good this time of year but pansies need at least two months to root in well before cold winter temperatures arrive.



It is fine to mulch lightly, but remember never more than three inches and let the leaves fall.



This is not the best month to prune trees or shrubs as they are usually stressed from summer. Light pruning anytime will work in our area.


Fertilizing Trees + Shrubs

Not at this time.


Lawn Care

September 15th is the magic day that we can begin overseeding of our tall fescue lawns. Aerate after a good rain and overseed at a rate of 5 pounds per 1000 square feet. Also apply a good fall starter fertilizer at the recommended rate. It is also time to raise the mowing height back to 3-3 1/2" to rebuild roots for next summers drought.