Knoxville Landscaping


Hot and dry defines the next two months for us so watering and plant care is essential. Try to remember that you will have much better success by watering for longer periods of time less often. this promotes deep watering and deep roots. We suggest a spigot timer and a sprinkler instead of hand watering. With deep watering for an hour at a time you should develop deep roots for both your lawn and your landscape gardens.



Start killing unwanted bermuda grass now for fall reseeding. Continue to mow your grass even if it only cuts a small amount. Long grass blades ask for too much water from an already tired root system. I also recommend actually lowering your mower blade down one more notch this month to help ease the burden on the roots. U.T. says this as well.



Keep an eye on perennials as they are soon forgotten after they bloom. Allowing them to dry out may cause them to not return the following year.