Knoxville Landscaping

February is here and that means getting ready for Spring. Below are a few things to keep in mind for this month so you can get the most from your landscape:



Fertilize your annuals again with a slow release fertilizer so when warm weather arrives they will be ready to go. A good slow release annual fertilizer will do.


Pansie Prep

Pansies keeping the dead bloom pods out of certain varieties of pansies will help them to bloom more often.


Crabgrass Prevention

Apply a crabgrass preventer to your fescue lawn this month to keep all the weed seed in your lawn from germinating in the spring.



Cut back all your ornamental grasses as well as liriope ( monkey grass ) so the new foliage will come out nice and clean. For large areas of liriope set your lawn mower at 3" and go to town. Use a piece of rope to rap around your large grasses and then cut with a good hand saw be sure to cut them back within 2-3" from the ground. Old foliage not trimmed back enough causes the centers of ornamental grasses to die out.



Early February is the last possible time to plant bulbs before spring. Good results can still occur with setting them a little deeper than usual. Remember daffodils are great for our area but tulips should be treated like an annual in most cases.