Knoxville Landscaping

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All summer annuals should be removed by now and fall pansies put in. I do not recommend mums except for parties and porch decor. They tend to be too much work in our landscapes.



This is the time to rebuild your lawn from a long hot summer. Start with a good aeration. You will have to wait until the ground is moist which may be a challenge in October. Overseed and fertilize soon after you aerate for best results. Water Water Water October is our driest month so watering is a must for good new growth.


Planting Beds

Go ahead and freshen up your mulch or pine straw as you see a need this fall season. Remember to not let your mulch get any thicker than 3 inches.


New Plantings

Fall is the season to plant all your trees and shrubs. Especially if you want to have your plantings established before next summers heat arrives.