Knoxville Landscaping


Continue to mow your lawn several times this month to thicken new grass. Maintain your fescue lawns at 3 inches. There is no need to fertilize your lawns this month, but be sure to remove heavy leaf fall as it they can smother even dormant grass.


Bulbs, Bulbs, Bulbs

Bulbs Bulbs Bulbs this is the month to plant. Daffodil work best for our area as they tend return each season. Tulips are not nearly as faithful. Make sure and coordinate pansie colors with your bulbs as they will be a great show the first of spring. Quick bulb tips:

  1. Prepare soil well.
  2. Plant at proper depth.
  3. Lime beds once per year.
  4. Keep bulbs cool before planting.
  5. Fertilize bulbs as soon as the flower dies.
  6. Never cut off the leaves until the bulbs turn yellow.


It is still a great time for planting Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, etc.